Renault Clio Sport

Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k

Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k
Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k
Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k
Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k

Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k

GENUINE MOCAL AEROQUIP 1/2BSP OIL COOLER KIT. Engines With Metal Spin On Oil Filters Only. Not suitable for paper element/cartridge oil filters.

Mocal 1/2 oil cooler kit with 1/2bsp fir tree type fittings and genuine Aeroquip AQP socketless black hose. 10 Row oil cooler m. Oil filter sandwich plate & seal. 2x sandwich plate adaptors & washers. Black high temperature/pressure oil hose.

Universal mounting brackets & fixings. In very cold/wet weather over cooling of the oil can be avoided by the addition of a thermostat built into the sandwich plate. Or the sandwich plate can be supplied with one gauge port. It is not possible to have a thermostat and a gauge port in the same sandwich plate.

The hose & fittings supplied is designed for self assembly. No hose clips or swaging is required to secure the fittings to the hose. Once assembled the hoses have a smart/professional appearance. This innovative solution is only achieved by using hose & fittings specially designed for the purpose, therefore is it paramount that the correct Mocal (red band) fittings are used.

It is reassuringly hard to fit the fittings to the hose: Dip the hose end in hot water, hold the fitting in a vice, apply WD40 (or similar) to the fitting & hose. Push the hose over the fitting in one quick action before it cools. Once assembled correctly the hose will have to be cut to remove the fitting. The kit can be supplied with an extra 1 or 2 meters of hose.

FOR ADDITIONAL HOSE / FITTINGS - PLEASE SEE OUR SHOP ITEMS. Rough Guide: A 13 row cooler should be adequate to cool most naturally aspirated engines up to around 150bhp (for track use) given an installation with good airflow, after this a larger cooler will be required. For road use a 13 row oil cooler is usually adequate for engines up to approx 200bhp in all but extreme conditions, after this a larger cooler will be required. The overall width including mounting brackets is 330mm. Exact cooler size required depends upon: The type of use, ambient temperature, spec of the engine (internal friction, rev range, power etc), airflow through the cooler and over the sump. If you are using your car for any form of track, competition or high performance use then the engine oil will need cooling. The most common cause of competition / high performance engine failure is loss of oil pressure, as the oil heats up it becomes thinner. This lowers the pressure produced by the pump and increases the oil escape from the bearings lowering the overall pressure further still.

Roughly speaking you need about 10psi of oil pressure per 1000rpm. 7000rpm requires 70psi oil pressure. If the pump cannot meet this demand when the oil is hot/thin engine failure will result - usually in the form of running a crank bearing (death rattle) or throwing a rod through the side of the block! This is especially important on part worn engines - a cooler/thicker oil will give the oil pump a fighting good chance of meeting the demand. On a new or part worn engine if the oil pressure is maintained, the engine isn't over revved or over heated there is no reason for failure.

For track, competition or high performance use a rough target temperature for the oil is around 100°C. Over 100°C the oil thins out rapidly and therefore drops the pressure. Turbo systems will rocket the oil temperature. An amended invoice will then be sent. (Some fitting tips & tightening torques are included). PLEASE VIEW MY SHOP ITEMS. (The despatch date will be printed on the parcel address label).

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Type: Oil Cooler Kit
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ZO1K-M20
  • Brand: Mocal

Renault Clio Sport 2.0 Rs 172 182 197 200 Cup Mocal Engine Oil Cooler Kit Zo1k