Renault Clio Sport

MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT

MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT
MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT

MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT

MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT. HIGHLIGHTED PART IN DIAGRAM ONLY. 1.2 TCe 115 (FEAY). 1.2 TCe 115 (FEM0). 1.5 dCi 75 / Blue dCi 75 (FEJW, FEAH).

1.2 TCe (KEM0, KEAY). 1.5 Blue dCi 95 (KEJL). 1.5 dCi (KEAJ, KEAH). 1.5 dCi / Blue dCi 75 (KEAJ, KEAH, KEJW).

1.2 TCe 125 4x4. 1.6 SCe 115 4x4. 1.6 SCe 115 LPG. 1.2 TCe (JSAY, JSM0). 1.5 Blue dCi 115 (JSJT). 1.5 Blue dCi 95 (JSJL).

1.0 Hi-Flex (LS0R, LS1G). 1.4 MPI LPG (LS0C). 1.5 dCi (LS0J, LS0Y).

1.6 16V LS09, LS0L, LS0M, LS0P, LS0V, LS18, LS1S, LS1V... 1.5 Blue dCi 95 (L8JL). 1.5 dCi (US00, US0J, US0Y). 1.2 BB0A, BB0F, BB10, BB1K, BB28, BB2D, BB2H, CB0A... 1.2 16V BB05, BB0W, BB11, BB27, BB2T, BB2U, BB2V, CB05...

1.2 LPG (BB0A, CB0A). 1.4 16V (B/CB0P, BB13). 1.5 dCi (BB3N, CB3N).

1.6 16V BB01, BB0H, BB0T, BB14, BB1D, BB1R, BB2KL, BB3G.. 2.0 16V Sport (CB0M). CLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_). 1.2 (SB0A, SB0F, SB10).

1.2 (SB0A, SB0F, SB1K, SB2D). 1.2 (BR01, BR03, BR0E, CR0E). 1.2 16V (BR02, BR0J, BR11, CR02, CR0J, CR11). 1.2 16V (BR0P, CR0P). 1.2 16V (BR0R, BR1D, BR1L, CR0R). 1.2 Ethanol (CR1U, BR1U). 1.5 dCi (BR0H, CR0H, CR1S, BR1S). 1.5 dCi (BR17, CR17). 1.5 dCi (BR1C, CR1C). 1.5 dCi (C/BR0G, C/BR1G). 1.6 16V BR05, BR0B, BR0Y, BR15, BR1J, BR1M, BR1Y, CR0B...

1.6 16V (BR09, BR0T, CR09, CR0T). 1.6 16V GT (BR10, CR10). 2.0 16V (BR0C, BR0K, CR0C, CR0K). 2.0 16V Sport (CR0N, CR1P). 1.2 16V (KR02, KR0J).

1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR0S). 1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR1U). 1.5 dCi (KR0H, KR1S). 1.5 dCi (KR1C, KR1N). CLIO III Hatchback Van (SB_, SR_).

1.5 dCi 4x4 (HSMD). 2.0 16V (JE0N, JE0L, JE02).

1.5 dCi (JM02, JM13). 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C). 1.6 dCi (JZ00, JZ12). 1.2 (KC0A, KC0K, KC0F, KC01). 1.2 16V (KC05, KC06, KC03, KC0T, KC0W, KC1D). 1.4 (KC0C, KC0H, KC0B, KC0M). 1.5 dCi (KC08, KC09).

1.6 16V 4x4 (KC0P, KC0S, KC0L). 1.9 dCi 4x4 (KC0V). D 55 1.9 (KC0D). D 65 1.9 (KC0E, KC02, KC0J, KC0N).

KANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_). 1.2 TCe 115 (KW02, KW14). 1.5 dCi 105 (KW0F).

1.5 dCi 110 (KW06, KW12). 1.5 dCi 110 (KW0C, KW0H). 1.5 dCi 70 (KW0V, KW0A). 1.5 dCi 75 (KW07, KW10, KW04).

1.5 dCi 85 (KW0K, KW0L, KW0B). 1.5 dCi 90 (KW05, KW08, KW0G, KW11). 1.5 dCi 90 (KW18).

1.6 (KW00, KW0Y, KW0E, KW0N, KW0P). 1.6 16V (KW03, KW09, KW0D, KW0U, KW0W, KW13). 1.6 16V FLEX (KW01). 1.6 16V LPG (KW0U). 1.2 (FC01, FC0A, FC0F). 1.2 16V (FC05, FC0W, FC1D, FC1P, FC1K, FC0T). 1.4 (FC0C, FC0B, FC0H, FC0M). 1.5 dCi (FC07, FC1R). 1.5 dCi (FC08, FC09). 1.6 16V 4x4 (FC0L, FC0P, FC0S).

1.9 dCi 4x4 (FC0V). D 55 1.9 (FC0D).

D 65 1.9 (FC0E, FC02, FC0J, FC0N). 1.2 TCe 115 (FW02, FW14).

1.5 dCi 105 (FW0F). 1.5 dCi 110 (FW06, FW12). 1.5 dCi 110 (FW0C, FW0H). 1.5 dCi 70 (FW0A, KW0V).

1.5 dCi 75 (FW07, FW10, FW04). 1.5 dCi 85 (FW0K, FW0L, FW0B). 1.5 dCi 90 (FW0G, FW05, FW08, FW11).

1.5 dCi 90 (FW18). 1.6 (FW00, FW0E, FW0N, FW0P, FW0Y). 1.6 16V (FW03, FW09, FW0D, FW0U, FW0W, FW13). 1.6 16V FLEX (FW01).

1.6 16V LPG (FW03, FW09, FW0W). 2.0 dCi DT01, DT08, DT09, DT0K, DT12, DT1C, DT1D, DT1M... 2.0 dCi (DT0M, DT0N, DT0S, DT19, DT1F). 2.0 dCi GT (DT11, DT1E, DT1N).

1.6 16V (B568, B561). 1.8 16V (B563, B564).

1.8 16V (K563, K564). 2.2 D (K56F/2, S56F). 1.6 16V (BG0A, BG0L). 1.6 16V (BG1G, BG1H).

1.8 16V (BG04, BG0B, BG0C, BG0V). 1.8 16V (BG06, BG0J, BG0M). 1.8 16V (BG0B, BG0C, BG0J, BG0M, BG0V). 1.8 16V (BG0B, BG0M). 1.9 dCi (BG08, BG0G).

1.9 dCi (BG1A, BG1V). 1.9 dCi (BG1A, BG1W). 2.0 16V (BG00, BG0K, BG0P, BG0W). 2.0 16V (BG00, BG0W, BG0K, BG0P).

TecDoc Engine Number : F4R 714, TecDoc Engine Number : F4R 715. 2.0 16V (BG03, BG0Z, BG0T, BG1Y). 2.0 16V IDE (BG0N). 2.0 16V Turbo (BG0S, BG1L, BG1M). 2.0 dCi (BG14, BG1S). 3.0 V6 24V (BG01, BG02, BG0D, BG0Y). 1.6 16V (KG0A, KG0L). 1.8 16V (KG0B, KG0M). 1.9 dCi (KG0E, KG0R). 1.9 dCi (KG1A, KG1W). 2.0 16V (KG00, KG0K, KG0W, KG0P). 2.0 16V (KG03, KG0Z, KG0T, KG1Y).

2.0 16V IDE (KG0N). 2.0 16V Turbo (KG0S, KG1L, KG03).

3.0 V6 24V (KG0D). 1.5 dCi (BT00, BT0A, BT0T, BT1J). 1.6 16V (BT04, BT0D, BT0U). 2.0 16V (BT05, BT0F, BT0W). 2.0 16V Hi-Flex (BT1H).

2.0 dCi BT01, BT08, BT09, BT0E, BT0K, BT12, BT1C, BT1D... 2.0 dCi (BT07, BT0J, BT14, BT1A, BT1S). 2.0 dCi (BT0M, BT0N, BT0S, BT19, BT1F). 2.0 dCi GT (BT11, BT1E, BT1N). 3.0 dCi (BT03, BT13). 3.5 V6 (BT0C, BT0P). 2.0 16V (KT0F, KT0W). 2.0 16V Hi-Flex (KT1H). 2.0 dCi (KT01, KT08, KT09, KT0K, KT12, KT1D, KT1W). 2.0 dCi (KT07, KT0J, KT14, KT1A, KT1S). 2.0 dCi (KT0M, KT0N, KT0S, KT19, KT1F). 2.0 dCi GT (KT11, KT1E, KT1N).

3.0 dCi (KT03, KT13). 3.5 V6 (KT0C, KT0P). 1.6 LS0L, LS09, LS0V, LS0P, LS18, LS1S, LS1V, LS1Y...

1.6 (KS0L, KS0M, KS0P, KS1S). 1.4 TCe (EZ0F, EZ1V). 1.5 dCi (EZ09, EZ1G, EZ0D). 1.5 dCi (EZ0B, EZ07).

1.6 16V (EZ0U, EZ1U). 1.9 dCi (EZ0J, EZ1S).

2.0 CVT (EZ0G, EZ1E, EZ1P). 1.4 16V (BA0D, BA1H, BA0W, BA10). 1.4 e (BA0E, BA0V). 1.6 16V BA04, BA0B, BA11, BA1J, BA16, BA19, BA1K, BA1V... 1.6 e (BA0F, BA0S).

1.8 16V (BA06, BA12, BA1A, BA1M, BA1R). 1.9 D Eco (BA0A, BA0U, BA0R). 1.9 dCi (BA05, BA1F). 1.9 dT (B/SA0K, B/SA0Y).

1.9 dTi (BA08, BA0N). 1.4 16V (EA0D, EA1H, EA0W, EA10). 1.6 16V (EA04, EA0B, EA11, EA1J). 2.0 16V IDE (EA03, EA0P, EA14).

1.4 16V (LA0D, LA1H, lA0W, LA10). 1.6 16V LA00, LA04, LA0B, LA11, LA16, LA19, LA1J, LA1K... 1.6 e (LA0F, LA0S). 1.8 16V (LA06, LA12, LA1A, LA1M, LA1R). 1.9 D (LA0A, LA0U, LA0R). 1.9 dCi (LA05, LA1F).

1.9 dT (LA0K, LA0Y). 1.9 dTi (LA08, LA0N). 2.0 i (LA07, LA0G). 1.4 16V (DA0D, DA1H, DA0W, DA10). 1.6 16V (DA0B, DA04, DA11).

1.9 dCi (DA05, DA1F). 2.0 16V IDE (DA03, DA0P, DA14). 1.4 16V (KA0D, KA1H, KA0W, KA10). 1.6 16V (KA0B, KA04, KA11). 1.8 16V (KA0S, KA12, KA1A, KA1M, KA1R). 1.9 D (KA0J, KA0R). 1.9 dCi (KA05, KA1F). MEGANE I Hatchback Van (SA0/1_).

1.9 (SA0U, SA0R, SA0A). 1.4 16V (BM0B, CM0B). 1.5 dCi (BM02, BM13, BM2A, CM02, CM13). 1.5 dCi (BM0F, BM0T, BM2B, CM0F, CM0T). 1.5 dCi (BM16, CM16).

1.5 dCi (BM1E, CM1E). 1.5 dCi (BM1F, CM1F). 1.6 16V (BM0C, CM0C). 1.9 dCi (BM0G, CM0G).

2.0 16V (BM0U, CM0U). 2.0 dCi (BM1K, CM1K). 1.5 dCi (KM02, KM13). 1.5 dCi (KM0F, KM0T, KM2B).

1.5 dCi (KM16, KM1E). 1.9 dCi (KMRG, KM1G, KM0G, KM2C).

TecDoc Engine Number : F4R 770. MEGANE II Estate Van (KM_). MEGANE II Hatchback Van (KM0/2_). 1.5 dCi (LM02, LM13, LM2A). 1.5 dCi (LM0F, LM0T, LM2B).

1.6 16V (LM1R, LM0C). 1.9 dCi (LM0G, LM1G, LM2C). 1.9 dCi (LM14, LM1D). MEGANE III Combi Van (KZ0/1). 1.2 TCe (DZ16, DZ28). 1.2 TCe (DZ2B, DZ11). 1.4 TCe (DZ0F, DZ1V). 1.5 dCi (DZ09, DZ0D, DZ1F, DZ1G).

1.5 dCi (DZ0C, DZ1A). 1.6 16V (DZ0U, DZ1B, DZ1H).

1.6 16V Bifuel (DZ03, DZ1Y). 1.9 dCi (DZ0N, DZ0J, DZ1J, DZ1K). 2.0 CVT (DZ0G, DZ1E). 1.2 TCe (KZ16, KZ28).

1.2 TCe (KZ2B, KZ11). 1.4 TCe (KZ0F, KZ1V). 1.5 dCi (KZ09, KZ0D, KZ1G).

1.5 dCi (KZ0C, KZ1A). 1.5 dCi (KZ1M, KZ1W). 1.6 16V (KZ0U, KZ1B, KZ1U). 1.6 dCi (KZ00, KZ12, KZ13).

1.9 dCi (KZ0J, KZ0N, KZ1S). 2.0 CVT (KZ0G, KZ1P). 2.0 TCe (KZ0K, KZ1T). MEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_). 1.2 TCe (BZ16, BZ28).

1.2 TCe (BZ2B, BZ11). 1.4 TCe (BZ0F, BZ1V). 1.5 dCi (BZ09, BZ0D, BZ1W).

1.5 dCi (BZ1G, BZ1W, BZ0R). 1.6 16V (BZ0H, BZ1R). 1.6 16V (BZ1B, BZ1H). 1.6 16V BiFuel (BZ1U, BZ0U).

1.6 16V Hi-Flex (BZ03). 1.6 dCi (BZ00, BZ12). 1.9 dCi (BZ0N, BZ0J).

2.0 CVT (BZ0G, BZ1P). MEGANE III Hatchback Van (BZ_). 1.5 dCi (BZ0C, BZ1A). 1.5 dCi (BZ0D, BZ1G, BZ1F, BZ1M, BZ1W, BZ0R, BZ10). MODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_).

1.2 (FP0C, FP0K, FP0P). 1.2 (JP0C, JP0K, FP0C, FP0K, FP0P, JP0P, JP0T). 1.5 dCi (FP0D, JP0D).

1.5 dCi (FP0E, JP0E). 1.5 dCi (FP0F, JP0F). 1.5 dCi (FP0G, JP0G).

1.5 dCi (JP0G, JP0H). 1.6 (JP03, JP0B, JP0U, JP0Y, JP1G). Megane I Kombi van (KA_). SCÉNIC I MPV (JA0/1_, FA0_). 1.4 16V (JA0D, JA1H, Ja0W, JA10).

1.6 (JA00, JA16, JA15, JA19, JA1V, JA2B, JA2C, JA0B). 1.8 16V (JA12, JA1R, JA1M, JA1A). 1.9 D (JA0J, FA0J). 1.9 dCi (JA05, JA1F).

2.0 16V (JA1B, JA1D). SCÉNIC I VAN (FA0_, JA0/1_). 1.4 (JM0B, JM0H, JM1A). 1.5 dCi (JM1E, JM16). 1.6 (JM0C, JM0J, JM1B).

2.0 (JM05, JM0U, JM1N, JM1U, JM2V). 2.0 16V Turbo (JM0W).

1.4 16V (JZ0F, JZ1V). 1.5 dCi (JZ02, JZ0R).

1.6 16V (JZ0U, JZ1B). 1.6 E85 (JZ03, JZ1Y). 1.9 dCi (JZ0J, JZ1J, JZ1K, JZ1S).

2.0 16V (JZ0G, JZ0P, JZ1E, JZ1P). 2.0 dCi (JZ0Y, JZ26).

1.5 dCi (JZ0D, JZ1M, JZ09, JZ14, JZ1G, JZ1W, JZ10). 1.6 VVT (JZ0U, JZ1B, JZ1H, JZ1U, JZ24).

1.6 dCi (JZ00, JZ12, JZ2A). 1.6 Authentique Hi-Flex (LB2K). 1.6 16V (LU1A, LU1B, LU1D, LU2M). 1.2 16V (CN04, CN0A, CN0B). 1.2 16V (CN0K, CN0V). 1.2 TCe 100 (CN0P). 1.2 Turbo (CN0C, CN0F). 1.6 RS (CN0N, CN0R, CN0S). TWINGO II Hatchback Van (CNO_). IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT PART FITMENT TO VEHICLE. Cars have different modifications and options, even if your model is mentioned in listing it does not guarantee that the item will fit your car 100% and therefore YOU ALSO NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT ORIGINAL PART NUMBER FOR NEEDED PART IS MENTIONED IN LISTING ITEM SPECIFICS SECTION. We will give you proper part number for needed spare part.

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MAXGEAR 54-1297 Camshaft Adjuster for, DACIA, RENAULT