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H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor

H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor
H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor

H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor

264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor. It is an integration of "4 monitoring and recording", "million pixels digital & analog mixed car DVR" and "wireless data transmission".

This 4-channel car video recorder assists you in recording driving route, license numbers, the situation that passengers get on or off the car and what happened when you're not in the car. Adopting high grade industry standard and designed according to the various operating environment in different cars, our 4-channel car video recorder is featured with diversified recording modes, compact size, easy installation, shock & heat resistance and stable performance. A helpful companion for all car owners! Support 4CH real-time 720P million pixels AHD input and analog standard definition camera input, or 2CH HD input + 2CH SD input.

Exclusive pre-allocate DVR special file dystem technology. Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, solving SD card file system collapse, data loss and cannot find SD card and file garbled, ensure the integrity of the data. SD card storage maximum up to 128GB. Special design of encryption to protect recording files.

Support wide range of voltage input from 8V to 33V. It can be completely resist car vibration, dust and other cause data corruption. Simple and clear operation menu. General Compatible with: apply to all kinds of cars Operating language: Chinese/English Voltage: 8-36V DC Power output: 12V Working temperature: -40-80 Account: bsa3066 Password: 000000 Pixels: 130 megapixels.

Power light, lights when the power supply is normal. Alarm indicator lights when an exception occurs when the machine. When recording indicator lights when the device is recording. SD card 1 indicator lights, when SD card 1 exist, it will light. SD card 2 indicator lights, when SD card 2 exist, it will light.

Electronic lock indicator light, electronic lock open when bright. Infrared receiver, used to receive remote control signal.

Lock the electronic lock, the device can boot, electronic lock open, it will shut down. When the electronic lock is open, you can open the SD card interface baffle, according to the machine model, you can insert 1 or 2 SD card, or SIM card, electronic lock, do not force open SD card interface baffle, otherwise damage the machine. First channel audio, video input interface.

Second channel audio, video input interface. Third channel audio, video input interface. Fourth channel audio, video input interface. Audio & video output interface. Audio, video analog signal output interface.

3G / 4G antenna interface. 3G / 4G network antenna interface, external 4G dedicated antenna, 4G antenna to be placed in the absence of shielding, no interference. LTE:FDD, 2100(B1)/1900(B2); WCDMA:2100(B1)/1900(B2)850(B5); GSM:1900(B2)/850(B5).

Alarm input, alarm output, 232,485 and other signal interface, the specific definition of reference 1.6.4 section. USB interface (some models this function is valid).

GPS antenna interface, external GPS dedicated antenna, GPS antenna to be placed in the unshielded, non-interference areas. (Note: only with GPS / Beidou models have the interface). 264 Video input: 4ch Video output: 1ch Video standard: PAL, NTSC, CIF, HD1, D1, 720P Video quality: 0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level Resolution: 720P/D1/HD1/CIF, MAX: 4 channels of 720P Preview: support 1 channel and 4 channels preview, support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview Record mode: auto / timed / alarm trigger / manual recording Audio: Audio compression: G. 726 compression, 8KB/s speed Audio input: 4CH, aviation plug Audio output: 2CH, front port is earphone port, rear port connects to BNC connector Output level: 1V - 2V. Wireless transfer: built-in 3G/4G network.

Remarks: before you place the order, please kindly check whether your local SIM card network is below bands or not. 4G/LTE:FDD, 2100(B1)/1900(B2); 3G/WCDMA:2100(B1)/1900(B2)850(B5); 2G/GSM:1900(B2)/850(B5). Position: built-in GPS/BD module G-Sensor: support Voltage & Power Consumption Voltage input: 8V-33V Voltage output: 12V/2A Power consumption: normal working. Image Sensor: 1/3 CCD Sony Camera.

Video Output: CVBS 1.0VP. AGC: AutoS/N Ratio: Better than 48db. Electronic Shutter: 1/601/100.000 Seconds. Operation Temperature: -40°C80°C RH95% MAX/-10°C50°C RH95% MAX. Storage Temperature: -40°C105°C RH95% MAX/-20°C60°C RH95% MAX. Screen size:7 inch Display Format:16:9. Contrast: 500:1, Resolution: 800480.

Power Voltage:12V-30V DC, Power Consumption. Item type:Parking Assistance Monitor.

4 x camera extension cord(35M+120M). 1 x Recorder Power cable.

1 x Monitor Power cable. 1 x audio /video output cable.

1 x Monitor remote control. We will integrate these numbers into an account, which will be more convenient for you to manage. Q:When Device issue appear, you are confused on how to solve it. A:Check Device Item No & Firmware Version, sent back to us with detail description of issue. Our Technical Team will handle it.

More detail you described, easier for us to solve it quickly. Check situation of DVR:Device Input Power;Power Cable Connection;GND Connect to battery;fuse;RED & Yellow Cable of Power must connect together. Check the Screen Power or Check if the Screen change to related AV Channel. Check the connection of Video Output & Screen Cable. A:1Check working power, if low power device will keep rebooting. 2HDD/SD Card error, remove storage device and turn on device checking. Q: If the video input interface of the device and camera is different. A:The DVR is using 4 needle type port, the camera is BNC port or Aviation, if it is different, please use the X-over to connect, or connect according to the DVR Line sequence definition. Q:Device on with HDD but not recording. A:1Check SD/HDD if format;if not please enter Main GUI--System Set--Format, format HDD/SD Card.

2If close Recording , or set Timed Recording mode, if yes it wont recording if not the time set. 3If the HDD is connect well, if the HDD/SD light is on. Q: Video files lost, or there is no video files at a certain period time. Analysis the lost video and ensure the lost time period. Confirm if the DVR was opened at that time, such as crashed midway park, loading and unloading ect.

And the device didnt set the delay recording. Q: Can not control the Car PTZ, can not rotate to all direction. A: If the agreement and Baud rate of the PTZ is setting right, if the address code is corresponding, if the video channel is setting to max when control the PTZ. Like if is control the first channel, then must set the first channel image to be max. Q: With GPS but no GPS coordinate Information.

A:1Check if GPS module exist. 2Check GPS Antenna connection, suggest install on the outside place with strong signal. 3If testing in office, suggest put GPS Antenna out of window. 4If working environment not good will related to no GPS Information or wrong information.

Q:Deviation of GPS Location on Map? A:The signal is effective if the GPS module has been positioning, there are so many reasons caused bias, government restriction, permissible error, GPS signal break off, The actual satellite map error occurred for the security, GPS Correction can solve the problem. 4G Wireless Module related FAQ. Q:If using 4G , what should we concern? A:1Choose inside wireless module , relative module setting is different then SIM Card is different, please make sure the module is corresponding with the SIM Card.

2If Server IP & Port set correct, if 4G signal strong for dialing;4G dialing successfully or not. 3Check 4G Antenna connection, dialing will be failed if 4G signal too weak. 4Check SIM Card 4G Flow. Q:When meet device offline or no video, what should be done first? A:1Press INFO key to enter the system Info page, check if SIM Card exist, 4G signal and dialing status, Antenna connection, Check SIM Card 4G Flow, change to a new SIM Card check again.

24G Signal strong but dialing fail, check if center IP & Port set correct. 3Check if Device ID already be occupied. Q:4G Signal is intermittent, video get stuck? A:At present, signal coverage of the WCDMA and EVDO is very wide, but still there are some mountain area signal is weak, this will influence. Then check if the frame rate in Sub-stream setting is too high.

Q:Device working but can not see Vehicle and video on client software. A: 1Check if Center Server running and device Number if using.

2Check Server IP and Port parameter setting. 3Check is using 4G for connecting, if 4G check the 4G Model and related SIM card, 4G antenna connect normally/APN setting/Center No. Q:Device Online but can not see video.

A:1Please set Low Sub-stream, when sub-stream set high it will effect the transmission because of the network. Q: Device works well in the Client, but cannot see the video a period time later.

Check if connect to server successfully on device, if dialing probably SIM Card no 4G Flow, change another SIM card for testing. Check if Device Number be changed, if yes, need add device to server again.

If still can not view video after previous 2 steps, please check if 4G module error. Q: Video Lost in certain channel? A: Possible reasons are as follows.

This channel has no video input. The camera of this channel breaks down or work abnormality.

If the camera takes an electricity power from the equipment directly, may be the. Equipments electric voltage isn't enough to make camera work as usual. D The cable that links this channel has problem. Q: Cant playback files on PC successfully?

A: Possible reason is as follows. Have never chosen a record file or document path; please choose the path that records file first before playback. Q: Remote control not works? A: Probably of the reasons are as follows.

The remote control didn't pack battery. Q: During playback, the map doesn't show?

A: Possible reasons are as follows: Net cable did not connect to PC; Net works, but the computer can not get to the Internet. Q: When SD card and HDD records, How is the record coverage? A: SD card and HDD will record circularly for each other. When they are full, they will delete the original video records respectively. All items will be checked before packing.

All items are new and of high quality. We will reply you within 24- 48 hours. We will do our best to provide the better servece.

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Leather Black 5 Speed Stitche Universal Manual Car Gear Stick Shift Knob Shifter. KW903 ODB2 II Diagnostic Code Scanner Reader Android ELM327 BTAuto Sleep. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor" is in sale since Thursday, May 16, 2019.

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H. 264 Car DVR AHD SD 4G Wireless GPS Realtime Video Recorder Box 7 HD Monitor