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Engine Ignition Coil Pencil 10300/1 for Renault Clio Wind Logan Espace Kangoo

Engine Ignition Coil Pencil 10300/1 for Renault Clio Wind Logan Espace Kangoo

Engine Ignition Coil Pencil 10300/1 for Renault Clio Wind Logan Espace Kangoo

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  • PACK OF: 4
  • Brand: MEAT &. DORIA
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 10300/1
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 04408283, 04408389, 04413233, 04432202, 04408389C, 091159996, 093161188, 093161948, 133800, 215952732, 224333529R, 2244800Q0A, 2244800Q0B, 22433-3529R, 2244800Q0C, 2244800Q0G, 2244800QAA, 2244800QAB, 2244800QAD, 2244800QAE, 2244800QAH, 224486N011, 224470QAA, 22448-00A0C, 22448-00Q0A, 22448-00Q0B, 22448-00Q0C, 22448-00Q0D, 22448-00Q0G, 22448-00QAA
  • Other Part Number: 22448-00QAB, 22448-00QAC, 22448-00QAD, 22448-00QAE, 22448-00QAH, 22448-0QAA, 22448-6N000, 22448-6N001, 22448-6N002, 22448-6N010
  • Unit Type: Unit
  • Type: Ignition Coil
  • Features: Calibrated, Direct Fit, Easy Installation
  • Ignition Part Type: Ignition Coil
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Connector Type: Male

Engine Ignition Coil Pencil 10300/1 for Renault Clio Wind Logan Espace Kangoo