Renault Clio Sport

Camshaft Adjuster Fits DACIA Dokker Express RENAULT Captur Clio 93-18 7701478079

Camshaft Adjuster Fits DACIA Dokker Express RENAULT Captur Clio 93-18 7701478079
Camshaft Adjuster Fits DACIA Dokker Express RENAULT Captur Clio 93-18 7701478079

Camshaft Adjuster Fits DACIA Dokker Express RENAULT Captur Clio 93-18 7701478079

OEM Numbers: 7701474362 / 7701478079 / 7701478505. Will this item fit your vehicle? Cross Reference And OE number list.

1.2 TCe 115 (FEAY). 1.2 TCe 115 (FEM0). 1.5 dCi 75 / Blue dCi 75 (FEJW FEAH).

1.2 TCe (KEM0 KEAY). 1.5 Blue dCi 95 (KEJL). 1.5 dCi / Blue dCi 75 (KEAJ KEAH KEJW). 1.5 dCi (KEAJ KEAH).

1.2 TCe 125 4x4. 1.5 dCi 4x4 (HSMC HSMD). 1.6 SCe 115 4x4.

1.6 SCe 115 LPG. 1.2 TCe 125 4x4 (HSAU). 1.2 TCe (JSAY JSM0). 1.5 Blue dCi 115 (JSJT). 1.5 Blue dCi 95 (JSJL).

1.5 Blue dCi 95 (L8JL). 1.0 Hi-Flex (LS0R LS1G). 1.2 16V (LS1N LS02 BS02).

1.4 MPI LPG (LS0C). 1.5 dCi (LS0J LS0Y). 1.6 16V LS09 LS0L LS0M LS0P LS0V LS18 LS1S LS1V.. 1.5 dCi (US00 US0J US0Y). 1.0 Campus Flex CB32 CB3B CB3V CB3W BB32 BB3B..

1.2 16V BB05 BB0W BB11 BB27 BB2T BB2U BB2V CB05.. 1.2 BB0A BB0F BB10 BB1K BB28 BB2D BB2H CB0A.. 1.2 LPG (BB0A CB0A).

1.4 16V (B/CB0P BB13). 1.5 dCi (BB3N CB3N).

1.6 16V BB01 BB0H BB0T BB14 BB1D BB1R BB2KL BB3G.. 1.9 D (B/CB0E BB0J). 2.0 16V (CB0M CB1G). 2.0 16V Sport (CB0M). CLIO II Hatchback Van (SB0/1/2_). 1.2 (SB0A SB0F SB10).

1.2 (SB0A SB0F SB1K SB2D). 1.2 16V (BR02 BR0J BR11 CR02 CR0J CR11). 1.2 16V (BR0P CR0P).

1.2 16V (BR0R BR1D BR1L CR0R). 1.2 (BR01 BR03 BR0E CR0E). 1.2 Ethanol (CR1U BR1U). 1.5 dCi (BR0H CR0H CR1S BR1S). 1.5 dCi (BR17 CR17).

1.5 dCi (BR1C CR1C). 1.5 dCi (C/BR0G C/BR1G). 1.6 16V BR05 BR0B BR0Y BR15 BR1J BR1M BR1Y CR0B..

1.6 16V (BR09 BR0T CR09 CR0T). 1.6 16V GT (BR10 CR10). 2.0 16V (BR0C BR0K CR0C CR0K). 2.0 16V Sport (CR0N CR1P). 1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR0S).

1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR1U). 1.2 16V (KR02 KR0J). 1.5 dCi (KR0H KR1S). 1.5 dCi (KR1C KR1N).

CLIO III Hatchback Van (SB_, SR_). 1.5 dCi 4x4 (HSMD). 1.6 dCi (JZ00 JZ12). 1.5 dCi (JM02 JM13).

1.9 dCi (JM0G JM12 JM1G JM2C). 1.2 16V (FC05 FC0W FC1D FC1P FC1K FC0T). 1.2 (FC01 FC0A FC0F). 1.4 (FC0C FC0B FC0H FC0M). 1.5 dCi (FC07 FC1R).

1.5 dCi (FC08 FC09). 1.6 16V 4x4 (FC0L FC0P FC0S). 1.6 Flex (FC1U FC1Y FC14 FC16 FC17).

1.9 dCi 4x4 (FC0V). D 55 1.9 (FC0D). D 65 1.9 (FC0E FC02 FC0J FC0N). 1.2 TCe 115 (FW02 FW14).

1.5 dCi 105 (FW0F). 1.5 dCi 110 (FW06 FW12). 1.5 dCi 110 (FW0C FW0H). 1.5 dCi 70 (FW0A KW0V). 1.5 dCi 75 (FW07 FW10 FW04).

1.5 dCi 85 (FW0K FW0L FW0B). 1.5 dCi 90 (FW0G FW05 FW08 FW11).

1.5 dCi 90 (FW18). 1.6 16V FLEX (FW01). 1.6 16V (FW03 FW09 FW0D FW0U FW0W FW13).

1.6 16V LPG (FW03 FW09 FW0W). 1.6 (FW00 FW0E FW0N FW0P FW0Y). KANGOO / GRAND KANGOO II (KW0/1_). 1.2 TCe 115 (KW02 KW14). 1.5 dCi 105 (KW0F).

1.5 dCi 110 (KW06 KW12). 1.5 dCi 110 (KW0C KW0H). 1.5 dCi 70 (KW0V KW0A).

1.5 dCi 75 (KW07 KW10 KW04). 1.5 dCi 85 (KW0K KW0L KW0B). 1.5 dCi 90 (KW05 KW08 KW0G KW11). 1.5 dCi 90 (KW18). 1.6 16V FLEX (KW01).

1.6 16V (KW03 KW09 KW0D KW0U KW0W KW13). 1.6 16V LPG (KW0U). 1.6 (KW00 KW0Y KW0E KW0N KW0P). 1.2 16V (KC05 KC06 KC03 KC0T KC0W KC1D).

1.2 (KC0A KC0K KC0F KC01). 1.4 (KC0C KC0H KC0B KC0M). 1.5 dCi (KC08 KC09). 1.6 16V 4x4 (KC0P KC0S KC0L).

1.9 dCi 4x4 (KC0V). D 55 1.9 (KC0D). D 65 1.9 (KC0E KC02 KC0J KC0N). 2.0 dCi DT01 DT08 DT09 DT0K DT12 DT1C DT1D DT1M.. 2.0 dCi (DT0M DT0N DT0S DT19 DT1F). 2.0 dCi GT (DT11 DT1E DT1N). 1.6 16V (B568 B561). 1.8 16V (B563 B564). 2.0 16V (B56D B56M).

3.0 (B56E B565 B56R). 1.8 16V (K563 K564). 2.0 16V (K56D K56M). 2.2 D (K56F/2 S56F).

1.6 16V (BG0A BG0L). 1.6 16V (BG1G BG1H). 1.8 16V (BG04 BG0B BG0C BG0V). 1.8 16V (BG06 BG0J BG0M).

1.8 16V (BG0B BG0C BG0J BG0M BG0V). 1.8 16V (BG0B BG0M). 1.9 dCi (BG08 BG0G). 1.9 dCi (BG0R BG0E). 1.9 dCi (BG1A BG1V). 1.9 dCi (BG1A BG1W BG0G). 2.0 16V (BG00 BG0K BG0P BG0W). 2.0 16V (BG00 BG0W BG0K BG0P).

2.0 16V (BG03 BG0Z BG0T BG1Y). 2.0 16V IDE (BG0N).

2.0 16V Turbo (BG0S BG1L BG1M). 2.0 dCi (BG14 BG1S). 3.0 V6 24V (BG01 BG02 BG0D BG0Y). 1.6 16V (KG0A KG0L). 1.8 16V (KG0B KG0M).

1.9 dCi (KG0E KG0R). 1.9 dCi (KG1A KG1W KG0G). 2.0 16V IDE (KG0N). 2.0 16V (KG00 KG0K KG0W KG0P).

2.0 16V (KG03 KG0Z KG0T KG1Y). 2.0 16V Turbo (KG0S KG1L KG03). 3.0 V6 24V (KG0D KG01). 1.5 dCi (BT00 BT0A BT0T BT1J).

1.6 16V (BT04 BT0D BT0U). 2.0 16V (BT05 BT0F BT0W).

2.0 16V Hi-Flex (BT1H BT1G BT1K). 2.0 dCi BT01 BT08 BT09 BT0E BT0K BT12 BT1C BT1D.. 2.0 dCi (BT07 BT0J BT14 BT1A BT1S). 2.0 dCi (BT0M BT0N BT0S BT19 BT1F). 2.0 dCi GT (BT11 BT1E BT1N).

3.0 dCi (BT03 BT13). 3.5 V6 (BT0C BT0P).

1.5 dCi (KT0A KT0R KT02). 2.0 16V Hi-Flex (KT1H KT1G KT1K). 2.0 16V (KT0F KT0W). 2.0 dCi GT (KT11 KT1E KT1N).

2.0 dCi (KT01 KT08 KT09 KT0K KT12 KT1D KT1W). 2.0 dCi (KT07 KT0J KT14 KT1A KT1S). 2.0 dCi (KT0M KT0N KT0S KT19 KT1F). 3.0 dCi (KT03 KT13). 3.5 V6 (KT0C KT0P). 1.6 (KS0L KS0M KS0P KS1S). 1.6 LS0L LS09 LS0V LS0P LS18 LS1S LS1V LS1Y.. 1.4 TCe (EZ0F EZ1V).

1.5 dCi (EZ09 EZ1G EZ0D EZ14). 1.5 dCi (EZ0B EZ07). 1.6 16V (EZ0U EZ1U). 1.9 dCi (EZ0J EZ1S).

2.0 CVT (EZ0G EZ1E EZ1P). 1.4 16V (BA0D BA1H BA0W BA10). 1.4 e (BA0E BA0V). 1.6 16V BA04 BA0B BA11 BA1J BA16 BA19 BA1K BA1V.. 1.6 e (BA0F BA0S). 1.8 16V (BA06 BA12 BA1A BA1M BA1R). 1.9 dCi (BA05 BA1F).

1.9 D Eco (BA0A BA0U BA0R). 1.9 dT (B/SA0K B/SA0Y). 1.9 dTi (BA08 BA0N). 1.4 16V (EA0D EA1H EA0W EA10). 1.6 16V (EA04 EA0B EA11 EA1J).

2.0 16V IDE (EA03 EA0P EA14). 1.4 16V (LA0D LA1H lA0W LA10). 1.6 16V LA00 LA04 LA0B LA11 LA16 LA19 LA1J LA1K.. 1.6 e (LA0F LA0S). 1.8 16V (LA06 LA12 LA1A LA1M LA1R).

1.9 dCi (LA05 LA1F). 1.9 D (LA0A LA0U LA0R). 1.9 dTi (LA08 LA0N). 1.9 dT (LA0K LA0Y). 2.0 i (LA07 LA0G). 1.4 16V (DA0D DA1H DA0W DA10). 1.6 16V (DA0B DA04 DA11). 1.9 dCi (DA05 DA1F). 2.0 16V IDE (DA03 DA0P DA14). 1.4 16V (KA0D KA1H KA0W KA10). 1.6 16V (KA0B KA04 KA11). 1.8 16V (KA0S KA12 KA1A KA1M KA1R).

1.9 dCi (KA05 KA1F). 1.9 D (KA0J KA0R).

MEGANE I Hatchback Van (SA0/1_). 1.9 (SA0U SA0R SA0A).

1.4 16V (BM0B CM0B). 1.5 dCi (BM02 BM13 BM2A CM02 CM13). 1.5 dCi (BM0F BM0T BM2B CM0F CM0T). 1.5 dCi (BM16 CM16). 1.5 dCi (BM1E CM1E).

1.5 dCi (BM1F CM1F). 1.6 16V (BM0C CM0C).

1.9 dCi (BM0G CM0G). 2.0 16V (BM0U CM0U).

2.0 dCi (BM1K CM1K). 1.5 dCi (KM02 KM13). 1.5 dCi (KM0F KM0T KM2B).

1.5 dCi (KM16 KM1E). 1.6 Flex (KM2E KM2M KM24 KM26). 1.9 dCi (KMRG KM1G KM0G KM2C). 2.0 (KM0S KM2N KM23). MEGANE II Estate Van (KM_).

MEGANE II Hatchback Van (KM0/2_). MEGANE III Combi Van (KZ0/1). 1.2 TCe (DZ16 DZ28). 1.2 TCe (DZ2B DZ11). 1.4 TCe (DZ0F DZ1V).

1.5 dCi (DZ09 DZ0D DZ1F DZ1G DZ14 DZ29). 1.5 dCi (DZ0C DZ1A). 1.6 16V Bifuel (DZ03 DZ1Y).

1.6 16V (DZ0U DZ1B DZ1H). 1.6 dCi (DZ00 DZ12 DZ2A DZ13). 1.9 dCi (DZ0N DZ0J DZ1J DZ1K). 2.0 CVT (DZ0G DZ1E). 1.2 TCe (KZ16 KZ28).

1.2 TCe (KZ2B KZ11). 1.4 TCe (KZ0F KZ1V). 1.5 dCi KZ09 KZ0D KZ1G KZ29 KZ14 KZ1W KZ10 KZ1F..

1.5 dCi (KZ0C KZ1A). 1.5 dCi (KZ1G KZ1W KZ0R). 1.5 dCi (KZ1M KZ1W KZ0R). 1.6 16V (KZ0U KZ1B KZ1U).

1.6 dCi (KZ00 KZ12 KZ13). 1.9 dCi (KZ0J KZ0N KZ1S).

2.0 CVT (KZ0G KZ1P). 2.0 TCe (KZ0K KZ1T). MEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_).

1.2 TCe (BZ16 BZ28). 1.2 TCe (BZ2B BZ11). 1.4 TCe (BZ0F BZ1V). 1.5 dCi (BZ09 BZ0D BZ1W BZ29 BZ14).

1.5 dCi (BZ1G BZ1W BZ0R). 1.6 16V BiFuel (BZ1U BZ0U). 1.6 16V (BZ0H BZ1R). 1.6 16V (BZ1B BZ1H).

1.6 16V Hi-Flex (BZ03). 1.6 dCi (BZ00 BZ12 BZ13). 1.9 dCi (BZ0N BZ0J). 2.0 CVT (BZ0G BZ1P). MEGANE III Hatchback Van (BZ_).

1.5 dCi (BZ0C BZ1A). 1.5 dCi (BZ0D BZ1G BZ1F BZ1M BZ1W BZ0R BZ10). 1.5 dCi (LM02 LM13 LM2A).

1.5 dCi (LM0F LM0T LM2B). 1.6 16V (LM1R LM0C). 1.6 Hi-Flex (LM2E LM2M LM24). 1.9 dCi (LM0G LM1G LM2C). 1.9 dCi (LM14 LM1D).

Megane I Kombi van (KA_). MODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_). 1.2 (FP0C FP0K FP0P). 1.2 (JP0C JP0K FP0C FP0K FP0P JP0P JP0T).

1.5 dCi (FP0D JP0D). 1.5 dCi (FP0E JP0E).

1.5 dCi (FP0F JP0F). 1.5 dCi (FP0G JP0G). 1.5 dCi (JP0G JP0H). 1.6 (JP03 JP0B JP0U JP0Y JP1G). 1.4 16V (JZ0F JZ1V).

1.5 dCi (JZ02 JZ0R). 1.6 16V (JZ0U JZ1B). 1.6 E85 (JZ03 JZ1Y). 1.9 dCi (JZ0J JZ1J JZ1K JZ1S).

2.0 16V (JZ0G JZ0P JZ1E JZ1P). 2.0 dCi (JZ0Y JZ26).

1.5 dCi (JZ0D JZ1M JZ09 JZ14 JZ1G JZ1W JZ10). 1.6 dCi (JZ00 JZ12 JZ2A). 1.6 VVT (JZ0U JZ1B JZ1H JZ1U JZ24). 1.4 (JM0B JM0H JM1A). 1.5 dCi (JM1E JM16).

1.6 (JM0C JM0J JM1B). 2.0 16V Turbo (JM0W).

2.0 (JM05 JM0U JM1N JM1U JM2V). SCENIC I MPV (JA0/1_, FA0_). 1.4 16V (JA0D JA1H Ja0W JA10). 1.6 JA00 JA16 JA15 JA19 JA1V JA2B JA2C JA0B..

1.8 16V (JA12 JA1R JA1M JA1A). 1.9 dCi (JA05 JA1F). 1.9 D (JA0J FA0J).

2.0 16V (JA1B JA1D JA0C). 2.0 16V (JA1D JA17). SCENIC I VAN (FA0_, JA0/1_). 1.6 16V (LU1A LU1B LU1D LU2M). 1.6 Authentique Hi-Flex (LB26 LB3E).

1.2 16V (CN04 CN0B). 1.2 16V (CN0K CN0V CN0A). 1.2 TCe 100 (CN0P). 1.2 Turbo (CN0C CN0F). 1.6 RS (CN0N CN0R CN0S).

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Camshaft Adjuster Fits DACIA Dokker Express RENAULT Captur Clio 93-18 7701478079