Renault Clio Sport

TECHNO5 Limited Slip Differential LSD ATB Renault Clio Sport 197 200

TECHNO5 Limited Slip Differential LSD ATB Renault Clio Sport 197 200

TECHNO5 Limited Slip Differential LSD ATB Renault Clio Sport 197 200

Renault Clio Sport 197 200 2.0 16v. Automatic limited slip differential - gear type with pre-load. Automaticaly biases torque from engine to wheel with better grip, when slippage of one occurs. Thanks to preload works like plate diff when one wheel is in air - still delivers torque to wheel with traction - not like most gear diffs.

Stabilizes car during cornering and compensating understeer on FWD cars. Improves acceleration and eliminates wheel slip. Preload is 5 kg - can be adjusted with additional springs and shims. Direct relpacement for OEM differential. Why is this diff better than all other Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differentials, or ATB LSDs?

To best understand how is different from the other gear differentials on the market, you first have to understand the primary problem that the most of geared diffs have. The problem: Loss of drive during zero or near-zero axle-load conditions. Zero axle-load is a condition that occurs during normal driving, but creates the most noticeable problems when driving in extreme conditions.

Zero or near-zero axle-load is the condition that exists when there is no-load applied through the drivetrain, when one drive wheel is nearly or completely lifted (often in aggressive cornering). It also occurs during the transition from engine driving a vehicle to engine braking and back, even with both drive wheels firmly on the ground. Heres how that loss of drive hurts you: 1 If you lift a wheel, all gear diffs except this one, will NOT power the other wheel. 2 During the transition from accel to decel, all gear diffs except.

This one, however, is different: Our diff in the center of the diff responds during these exact conditions when zero or near-zero axle-load occurs. At or near zero axle-load, the axles (and therefore each side gear in the diff) start to turn at different speeds. This speed differential causes diff to step into action: In the case where both wheels are on the ground during zero axle load, such as during a transition to deceleration, diff is able to prepare the drivetrain for when the zero torque condition stops, eliminating the delay seen with ordinary gear diffs.

What this means for you as a driver is that power is delivered to the gripping wheels for more time and in a more constant manner making you faster and improving stability. TECHNO5 preload truly is different - and its innovative features can make a real difference in your cars performance.

This diff is a great Hybrid Diff as i would call it. It has drive-ability of a ATB but with the characteristics of a plated type Differential. Great for fast road and the keen track enthusiast. All our parcels have online tracking.

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: T5-LSD
  • Brand: Techno 5

TECHNO5 Limited Slip Differential LSD ATB Renault Clio Sport 197 200